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Amazon is responsible for more than 40% of online sales, from products to services. As the world’s biggest ecommerce platform, it’s capable of increasing your sales, brand awareness, and market dominance.

Selling on Amazon is also highly competitive. To succeed, you need the right strategies, tools, and Amazon marketing services on your side.

Discover how to use Amazon to your advantage with these comprehensive resources, which range from learning the basics of Amazon SEO to discovering advanced strategies for decreasing Advertising Cost of Sale (ACoS).

This Amazon marketing guide for 2021 can help you take your business’s performance on Amazon to the next level. You’ll learn the basics of Amazon marketing, discover how Amazon services can help grow your business, get Amazon marketing tips, and more.

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How to Launch Your Amazon Store

Get the info you need to set up your Amazon store and start enjoying the benefits of selling on the world’s largest ecommerce platform! Learn how to get started yourself and how our team can help you maximize your results.

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Additional Channels and Strategies

Your business can go beyond Amazon when it comes to generating online sales. Learn about other digital marketing channels and strategies that can help your online store earn more revenue.

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Learn more about marketing your business on Amazon

As the product marketing landscape continues to evolve, all businesses — especially small-to-mid-sized companies focusing on ecommerce — must market their products to reach more potential shoppers.

Optimizing your website for search engines and launching pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns is a fantastic start to boosting your web presence. However, when it comes to advertising and selling products online, there is one tactic you can’t afford to overlook: Marketing on Amazon.

Today, Amazon is the most used search engine for product searches — it even gets more product searches than Google! Although you may not think of Amazon as a search engine, the ecommerce platform allows you to optimize for its result pages to promote your product.

Looking to promote your products and increase their sales? Then, keep reading to learn more about Amazon marketing and how to use Amazon for your business. For even more tips about Amazon product marketing, check out Revenue Weekly!

What is Amazon marketing?

Amazon marketing is a strategy that allows sellers and vendors to sell and promote their products through Amazon. Just like marketing on other channels, there are multiple tactics to choose from after you decide to start marketing on Amazon.

3 Amazon product marketing tactics

On Amazon, your business can use a variety of strategies, including these three Amazon product marketing tactics:

1. Amazon SEO

Similar to search engine optimization (SEO) on GoogleAmazon SEO focuses on optimizing product pages to improve where the products show up, or rank, within the result pages of an Amazon search.

Sellers and vendors want to optimize their product pages so their product ranks at the top of search results for relevant keywords or queries. Like traditional SEO, Amazon SEO is also free to use, unless outsourcing or investing in tools.

2. Amazon advertising

Amazon’s version of PPC or paid search allows sellers and vendors to create and display ads both on and off Amazon through platforms like Amazon Marketing Services (AMS), Amazon Advertising Platform (AAP) and Amazon Media Group (AMG).

All three platforms serve a different purpose when it comes to paid advertising through Amazon.

When marketing on Amazon, sellers can use limited-time sales or promotions to engage prospective customers. Your business will pay a fee, however, to have Amazon generate coupons or include your product in onsite promotions like Lightning Deals and Prime Day.

3. External Amazon marketing

Often referred to as off-Amazon marketing, this channel allows vendors and sellers to create ads, and link these ads to their Amazon product page or Brand Store. These links can come from many places, with the seller or vendor deciding where the links go.

Why use Amazon for product marketing?

Is Amazon the best fit for your business? In most cases, the answer is yes.

Even if your company maintains its own website and online shop, Amazon most likely has a far greater reach and customer base than your site, meaning that marketing on Amazon will most definitely increase the overall number of people viewing your products online.

Opening a storefront on Amazon also adds another revenue stream to your business. As long as you continue to optimize your website for search engines or run ads, you can continue to generate sales from your site.

How to market your products on Amazon

Learn more about how to market your products on Amazon with these tips:


Like traditional SEO, many factors determine how product pages get ranked on Amazon’s result pages. You’ll want to optimize for all these factors eventually, but for now, here are a few of the most important ones:

  • Keywords

Keyword research and placement are two critical ranking factors. The more unique relevant keywords included in the product title, search terms, and product attributes lead to better rankings on the result pages.

  • Text

In addition to using keyword-rich language in your product text, it is important to give the users all the information about your product they need to make a purchase. You should also present that information in a way readers can easily digest.

  • Reviews, questions, and answers

You should also demonstrate to Amazon that you’re actively monitoring your product pages and interacting with your customer base.

Amazon provides two great ways to do this:

Reviews offer experience-based feedback on your products to help make other shopper’s make a buying decision. While it is great to have positive feedback, Amazon also wants to see that you respond to negative feedback and help correct any issues.

Amazon also looks at the question and answer section of the product page to see if sellers and vendors respond to shopper questions about the product in a timely and satisfactory manner.

The more proactive you are about reviews, plus questions and answers, the more credible you will appear to Amazon, which can lead to higher rankings that result in greater visibility and more sales.


When marketing on Amazon with PPC, you’ll want to take advantage of these ad types:

  • Sponsored Products: These work similar to Google Ads. Vendors or sellers create an ad and then bid for different keywords. You can use automated or manual targeting for these ads.
  • Sponsored Brands: These banner ads promote your brand, plus up to three products. They can target different keywords, and often have your Amazon Store (or the relevant product’s listing) as the landing page.
  • Amazon marketing promotions: Special Amazon promotions like Lightning Deals and Prime Days are great ways to promote your product on a separate page that will see more traffic than any of the result pages your product is on within that time period.


Externally marketing on Amazon is a great strategy to spread around those links to your Amazon product pages to even more possible customers. With this approach, your drive non-Amazon traffic to your Amazon listings.

While we won’t take the time to explain all these placement strategies, here is a list of a few common locations to do some external Amazon product marketing by including links to your product pages:

  • Emails
  • Facebook ads
  • Google Ads
  • Social media

With marketing on Amazon, your business can promote its products through several tactics.

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