At WebFX, we accept responsibility, work with integrity, and give back to others.

We’ve worked with a variety of organizations around the world to provide help where there is a need. We’ve partnered with The Water Project, Forgotten Voices International, Pencils for Promise, Empower Playgrounds, The Ocean Cleanup, The Guatemala Conservation Coast, and more.

What is FXBuilds?

FXBuilds is a WebFX program, established in 2014, that allows us to give back to those in need. Powered by team successes, the program allows us to improve the lives of those around the world who may lack education, shelter, clean drinking water, vaccines, and other basic human privileges.

Our goal with #FXBuilds is two-fold, and our combined efforts will essentially allow each WebFX team member to have helped a total of approximately 50 people around the world in a 10 year period

WebFX has helped 4,579 lives through FX Builds

Our current project: The Water Project

In April of 2020, we set the new goal to raise $27,000 for The Water Project to construct community solutions for safe water for the entire community.

The Water Project helps provide access to clean water, which helps improve education, hunger, health, and poverty in Africa.

Our FXBuilds donation helped construct a sand dam in the Thona community which helps to encourage local leadership, community engagement, agricultural assistance, and sanitation training. Not only that, but the sand dam will bring water closer to home so that community members don’t need to travel far to get fresh, clean water.

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